Lettering Projects


Project Details

Carving Insitu On Enfield Town Library

The project consisted of the Library's name and construction dates being carved insitu, including the large emblem and logo of the Local Authority.

The new build construction is clad in Creeton Silver Bed Limestone with the depth of relief carving being 25mm.

Site work was undertaken in a single phase after completion and approval of designs and layout.

Project Details

Production Of A Contemporary And Minimalistic Sign For Bourn Hall

The main criteria of this project was to produce a new sign for the Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic replacing an existing sign. Spectrum Stone were to work alongside an appointed graphic designer to produce the sign using existing signage in a contemporary minimalistic way.

The letters were carved in relief and raised from the stone. A concrete foundation was laid to take the massive weight of the stone sign and plinth, which were fixed with the use of a crane to locate over fixing dowels.